The Art work is a tribute to ‘Paardenbaai’ – Horses Bay

The project Paardenbaai – Blue Horses is an extension of Artwork installation ‘Paradise Park’. An indoor art installation (2011) created at the artist studio. This is the beginning of the art in public space project Paardenbaai-Blue Horses by contemporary visual artist Osaira Muyale. www.osairamuyale.com The research started in 2011 and presented to the Government of Aruba in 2015. The artist created a visual language, a memory, a story of horses between Aruba and the Netherlands. The recovery of nature is the recovery of people. The 8 life-size sculptures of Blue Horses are having a walk in the center of the city of Oranjestad, reflecting time and space. Emerging parallel lines, conversations on historical heritage and social development, nature, equality  and differences, strengths, nobility, humility, grace, beauty and freedom. It also reflects the relationship between locals and tourists.  The Blue horses represents an important moment where the horses were launched from the ship deck into the Caribbean Ocean. The horses swam on shore, the horse bay. Therefore the color blue, as they carry the blue sea water of the oceans on their body. The 8 Blue Horses are installed at 6 strategic points in down town Oranjestad.

for more information you can visit MANA-The National Archaeological Museum Aruba that celebrates more than 3500 years of Aruban culture. https://manaruba.org/

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