The Art work is a tribute to ‘Paardenbaai’ (Horses Bay) from 2015 to present time.


Art in Public Space contributes to Culture, preserves historical and contemporary history of Community, Infrastructure, commerce, and local identity. We all share with the Tourists our appreciation and respect to this Development. It joins for a common purpose and a common action to the New down town Project.

This name arrives from the Aruban and European trade commerce and economy in the 1700 Century. Aruba and Holland were into cattle exchange.Especially in horses trading.The Arubans bought their horses at the coast of Venezuela and Colombia together with the one hundred Indians that still lived near Forti Abow (where the peer of Paarden baai is now).The horses had enough space to live and gallop in the ranches (Ranchos) for their multiplication. International Horse export started in 1800 century and was one of the most important sources of livelihood for Aruba especially to the sugar countries. A Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization.

The 8 Sculptures represents strengths ‘Nobility, Grace, Beauty and Freedom. It represents Aruban collaboration with locals and international communities and its business trade world. Europe, South America, Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean. The Blue horses represents the important historical moment where the horses jumped from the ship deck into the Caribbean Ocean and swim to our Aruban Bay ‘Paarden baai “. At 6 strategic points – Down Town Oranjestad, there will be a horses installed. It will take 6 months to complete the whole project. With their different personalities and postures you can still see a united family. References: Biblioteca National Aruba, Hartoch.J.Aruba zoals het was en zoals het werd Hartoch .J. 1960, Het oude Fort van Aruba Willem.P.1950-1960. De Nederlandse Antillen ,A.H and Iglesia protestant Aruba in oude ansichten, Een reisje naar Aruba Dominee Bosch.

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